Hello cutters,

Well crazy times! Our show for next weekend is still a go but only for Interior Health Region residents only due to COVID 19 Essential Travel restrictions.
We are so sorry that we have to restrict our show for this but we must follow the rules, it is for this show only and we will keep you all posted for the up coming shows.

Our hopes are that things relax a bit and we can open it up to everyone.
We still ask that there be no spectators, no gathering or socializing.
Entries are due on Tuesday.

If you have already entered and you live outside Interior Health districts, please email me so I know you are aware of the situation and your entry will be cancelled.

Again, this is not an easy situation for the ICHA Executive and Directors but we have to all understand our hands are tied.
We will have more information for our show as the week progresses.

Thank you,

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Grassroots Cutting at its Finest

Introduction to the ICHA

The Interior Cutting Horse Association was formed In 1984 by an enthusiastic group of individuals. The priority of the association was for the beginner and novice horse & rider.

Today our goal is to keep the interest and enjoyment in the sport of cutting going with consideration to the economic level at which our members can still participate in this challenging and exhilarating sport.  In addition, we maintain the priority to encourage new membership for beginners, novice horses and novice riders to the sport.  Our classes have been created to provide attainable goals for beginners to advanced members, with the consideration of allowing horse and rider as partners to progress to a more challenging level each year if the so choose.  We also offer youth classes for our family members.

Our shows are usually two day events and our goal is to provide fresh cattle for ALL classes.  The order of classes are drawn each the 1st day and the class order reversed for the 2nd day.  The order of go in each class is drawn each day.  We provide qualified judges for the benefit of our members to receive realistic and fair scores that are accumulated for year end awards.  We are very fortunate to have a good group of turnback and corner help that attend each show.  Our club has a fun bunch of members and social coordinators that always ensure the organization of a pot luck supper or appetizer hour and the end of the Saturday show day.  This event allows the member's time to visit, socialize and get to know each other.

We wish you the best of luck in attaining your goals.

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