ICHA Rules - Updated January 2022

1. The order of classes will be drawn prior to the start of the show.

2. Lifetime earnings determine which classes can enter, covers all associations.  All cutting earnings on horse and rider DO count toward lifetime earnings.

3. Entries must be made prior to the close of entries, which is 9:00 P.M. on the Tuesday immediately preceding the scheduled show date. Cancellations may be made until the close of entries. Entries not cancelled in time are subject to cattle and administration fees. If you are in the draw(s) and do not ride, you will be charged cattle and administration fees. Special circumstances will be considered at the discretion of the Executive Committee and will be decided by vote. Post entry(s) will be accepted until 9am on show day. The post entry(s) will be placed at the end of the draw and additional cattle will be added only if available.

4. Once entries have closed there will be no changes or substitution except at the discretion of the show secretary and the Director in Charge. Any approved changes or substitution will be placed at the end of the draw and additional cattle will be added only if available.

5. It is the contestant’s sole responsibility to determine rider’s or horse’s eligibility to complete in any class entered.  It is the responsibility of the owner and /or rider to be aware of the earnings of the horse and/or rider.  When limits of eligibility are surpassed during the calendar year, the exhibitor can compete the year in that specific class or division.  Any rider participating in a class or division in which he/she (or the horse he/she is riding) is not eligible based on earnings may be fined up to $200.00 at the discretion of the Executive Committee (the President, Vice-President, Secretary and Treasurer).  When a horse/rider is found to be ineligible, the earnings and awards will be fortified to the ICHA.  The ICHA will make corrections to the class placing and earnings in the database.  It is the responsibility of the ineligible exhibitor to return all forfeited earnings, prizes and awards to the ICHA.

6. 2022 and onward entry fees - $100 minimum.

7. 2022 and onward Youth entry fees will be half of the regular class entry - $50.00 minimum.

8. Saturday and Sunday starting time is 9:00 a.m. Horses on the grounds at 8:00 a.m.

9. Point system based on moneys won for year end champions; no cash payout.

10. A member must have entered a class at least fifty percent (50%) to qualify in that class for year-end awards.

11. Buckles will be awarded for all classes in which there is a minimum of one qualified rider; i.e. the rider must attend at least 50% of the shows.

12. Never Won a Buckle Class - If second day of a two-day competition is cancelled due to unforeseen circumstances, the winner will be determined by the first day results.

13. $20.00 charge on all returned cheques. Delinquent debts must be settled prior to showing at any further ICHA events. The executive reserves the right to withhold year-end payout in the case of any outstanding debt.

14. Riders (exhibitors and turnback/corner help) must be members in good standing of both the ICHA and Horse Council British Columbia (HCBC) prior to entering the warm-up ring or participating in any class or practice works.

15. Youth riders aged 18 years must wear proper fitting approved protective headgear, with the safety harness correctly secured, at all times, while mounted on competition or event grounds.  Approved headgear meets the ASTM (American Society for Testing Materials) standards and displays the SEI (Safety Equipment Institute) seal.  The British standard, BSI, is also acceptable.

16. Any person mounted on horseback in the arena after the start of an ICHA approved or sponsored event must wear western attire, including hats, boots, long-sleeved western shirt with collar and buttons or snaps completely down the shirt front. (Short-sleeved western shirts with collar and buttons or snaps completely down the shirt front are also permissible.)

17. Choke ropes, tie-downs or wire around the horse's neck will not be permitted. Horses may be ridden with a bridle having bits in the mouth and having no nose band or bosel. Hackamore also may be used but must be loose with no metal parts, only rope or braided rawhide. A person must be able to pass their fingers between the hackamore and muzzle completely around the horse's nose. Any wire, tight nose band or mechanical device that will give a rider undue control over the horse must not be used in a contest. Breast harness may be used. The rider must keep their hands free from the breast harness. The judge will have the authority to have a rider remove anything they think would be unfair to use in a contest. Chaps and spurs may be worn. Quirts or bats must not be carried.

18. The judge’s scoring may not be questioned by contestants. However, run content may be discussed after the class is complete at the end of the show or the end of the contestant’s classes. Rules for special classes are to be attached to the judge’s sheet for his/her reference and at no time is a contestant/owner/spectator etc. allowed to tell a judge how to judge a class.

19. The ICHA President and the Director in Charge has the right to disqualify, refuse entry, or eject from the premises any contestant, or volunteer for misconduct or harassment of the judge, show management, employees, other contestants or spectators.

20. There shall be no open liquor in the show/warm up pen during the cutting contest. Any competitor showing apparent intoxication in the show pen will be asked to leave the pen by any two directors. Any entry fees will be forfeited to the ICHA.